I’d hate to eat and run but…

in search
of her
galloping past
answers to
Rorschach tests
instead of




      1. Mosquitoes of Chennai are humongous….nothing worked on them while I was here. They miraculously disappear during daytime though. Organised crime πŸ˜₯

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      2. Very. Their bites create tiny mountains on the skin πŸ˜› Never in my life, have I used a coil. There, I used coils, those cards, liquid repellants and what not. How do you manage 😦

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  1. Ha! I was reading the comments above about the mosquito. Some people (with certain blood type) are more prone to mosquito attack. (That would be me.) I’m such a lover of creatures, though, that rather than squash, I will ‘flick’ with my nail, removing them in one swipe without harm. Better to just wear layers of clothing and cover all skin areas. Mozzies can get quite persistent down here in the humid hot regions of Texas!

    Oh, how I love your raptors. This guy reminds me of the Coopers Hawk which skulks in my backyard. Wow be it unto the slow dove or ground squirrel. Saw our first prairie falcon last week, or rather, heard the ‘chatter’ of the local residents working to drive him out of the area. Seems no one wants a bird-hawk moving into the hood.

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