Gingerbread girl

to bake
a croissant
of a girl,
with raisins
for pimples
and a can
of cocoa
butter to
her lips.
I want
to marinate
her hair
in creamy
dip and
hold her
over a
low flame,
to loosen
her cherry
skin hips.
I just
want to
bake my
very own
gingerbread girl.

Sometimes we fall in love with ideas, not people. We look past inconsistencies. We ignore incompatibilities.  It has more to do with what these people may represent in our lives as opposed to who they might be in theirs. We are so sure that we know the exact type of person we need to be with that we want them – no matter how it wrong it feels. We need them to define us. Analyze us. Destroy us. Rebuild. Unleash. Rinse. Repeat. But how much easier would human relationships be if it weren’t based on how little we know about ourselves?




  1. Aww…a caramelizing crunchy recipe of a dream.poem you bake..n then a v.soul searching write.. n the birds.awesome post frnd! need to say i loved all three, the written non fiction is more close to my soul, that spiralling in self search is wat solitude artist ever seek, had known oncevn agn this truth by hard bled stumbles n faith on that elusive other.
    n aww..the caucal, vernacularly called sempoothu, is v.nearly n commonly sighted around trees in my home, its bottled echoing sound digs deep in the bosom.:)

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    1. bottled echoing! perfect 🙂 solitude has in it as much secret despair as it does sunny dispositions, artists are funny like that. the punch line being that we care either too much or way too less, i think


      1. funny the artists become as one tries to unfurl this life, this enigma..yeah, that either way you say are possibilities.. N the punch line being the passion n intensity exhibited in both solitude n dispositions…

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  2. Actually had to read the last line twice to understand…we let others define us..and become how they define us..and see ourselves as per that definition…are we too afraid to know much about ourselves..what do u think..

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  3. “GINGERBREAD GIRL”, wonderful poem, intriguing idea about creating your own girl, and of course always stunning photos. I especially like your thoughts on falling in love with ideas, not people. I think you approached this beautifully, and honestly, how different would our relationships be if we truly knew ourselves?

    Enjoy your weekend,

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