Month: May 2015

Wounds are chaos theories

Never weep over
a wounded rose,
she will only catch a cold.


The hills are alive with Hornbills

Even silence
is a song
in the hills,
leather is just skin
and fur is in vogue
only during the kill.

Valparai is a sleepy-eyed and fauna-rich town on the Anaimalai Hills range of the Western Ghats. It is one of the few hill stations in Tamil Nadu that is not a total ecological disaster. In the two days that I spent over there in January, I had lady luck dipping a hot-cross bun in a cup of lemon tea and giggling with me.


A cupcake for a heart

All the
our private
pastry cart;
only for her
– can I have
a cupcake
for a heart.


A concert with satellites for drummers

in the sky
turns our
into broken
cymbals, and

A freak of nature on a leash

Shikra , Choolaimedu

Shikra, Choolaimedu

It seems as though it is only our species that is fixated on celebrating its ability to adapt. We treat it as though it is a triumph of the human spirit. We sometimes feel entitled to it. Most tellingly, we pretend like it is within the realm of our control. As though our instincts are not governed by laws set in motion millions of years ago.

We swam away from the ocean, learned how to walk upright, invented the wheel and even decided to use currency to climb atop the food chain. If we had not changed, periodically and holistically, we would not have survived.


Following a flycatcher to paradise: Part 2

About two months ago I had written about the Asian Paradise Flycatcher. I lamented about having never seen the white-morphed male. Just a few days after that, during a trail in the Thekkady foothills, I saw an adult male (orange-morphed) land on a tree a few feet away. Like a curious bystander, he flew from branch to branch until he was directly above me. The timing was exquisite. A minute or so before I spotted him, I was talking about his continued and inconspicuous absence from my life with an experienced birder who was accompanying me.

I told him how I might do something ridiculous if I ever saw a fully white-morphed Asian Paradise Flycatcher.