A train song

We have lost people to distance. A part of us gets up, packs up its bags and leaves. However sweet the goodbye. Or brief the quota of time we had with them. It’s still as though something is broken. It can’t be fixed, no matter how hard we try. We may know that things will be better soon. And we may move on quicker than what we think is possible. It doesn’t mean that we can forget the sound of it.

Whenever someone important to me disappears from my life, I hear the passing of a distant train from a bygone era. Even if they are taking the bus, going to the airport or walking down the road, the squealing of an old steam horn beseeches me. And I feel safe and warm.


The chugging melody of its wheels, turning on rusty tracks. The chattering of faceless people as smoke billows over the mouth of some tunnel. The muffled screeching of its breaks while nearing a busy station.

A cacophony of noises pierces me before ghosting the wind.

If only there is a way to capture the moment and store the best parts of it in some library. I can visit them every time I need help in dealing with loss or longing.

“Nothing at all, in my head, to say to you. Only the beat of the train I’m on”

Ben Gibbard


It has been two years since I rode the train. But I can sense its rhythm in my body whenever I want to. I can also internalize the prickly ache of losing people at will.

It’s not something I can be proud of. Not some superpower I can triumphantly wield to save myself, much less anyone else.

I am just addicted to remembering how it feels. The sound of departure. My beautiful train song.

(Photos: Shutterstock & Pexels)



  1. It’s tough to decide whether your photography is better or your writing. The depth and warmth in both render a special touch in all your posts.

    BTW, is there a specific purpose behind linking those two articles in the post? I mean any commercial interest? Or is it like FYI to readers? China thaiyival song, I can relate why youve tagged.

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    1. How kind, Nandhini!

      I always feel overwhelmed when people compliment the photographs. I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. So, thank you!

      Also, the photos in this post were sourced from Royalty Free websites. I have mentioned so in the credits. The ones with birdies and anything nature-related without a specific credit source are mine (smile).

      I tag some of the keywords to external links just to provide more relevant material for the readers to consume. No agendas at all. I doubt if I will ever go the commercial route with this blog.

      Chinna thaiyival is such flashback inducer, just perfect!

      Thank you again for your comment, N!

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    1. Thank you!

      I suppose, steam engines because of the sound that they make. A song called “Chinna Thaiyaval” from the film – Thalapathi used it beautifully as the intro.

      The modern ones sound a bit like Pink Floyd-ish interludes, right? Uncomfortably machinated.


  2. “The chugging melody of its wheels, turning on rusty tracks. The chattering of faceless people as smoke billows over the mouth of some tunnel. The muffled screeching of its breaks while nearing a busy station”

    Wow!!! This is so amazingly penned!

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  3. The beginning of this reminds me of something Celine says in Before Sunset. About how each person has their specific qualities and you can never replace someone. I’m probably fucking up the beautiful scene with my poor recall of it, but do watch the movie if you haven’t. The entire trilogy is great, but I am partial to this second installment. Something tells me you will like and relate to it.

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