Nothing In Particular: There’s a new podcast in town

NIP is a weekly podcast hosted by Shuveb Hussain and me. We pick vague topics and then, talk about (no prizes for guessing) nothing in particular. But I am sure that there is something in there for you. And you. And especially you there – looking as though someone just ran over your puppy. I hope that we can be a part of your car rides, water-cooler conversations, lunchtime discourses and late-evening introspections.

Please do listen, subscribe to us on iTunes or on any of the Android-based podcast apps, and share it with anyone who may be interested.  Follow us on Facebook @ Listen to NIP

The original music for our show has been composed by our good friends – Hari Ram Narayan and Sharanya Subramaniyam.

The story so far…

Episode 1: Totally Killing It

Episode 2: Reading (featuring Madhu Nair)

Episode 3: Spirituality 

Episode 4: Movies

Episode 5: Travel (featuring Vimal Abraham)

Episode 6: Work-Life Balance

Episode 7: Hobbies

Episode 8: Wealth

Episode 9: Censorship  (featuring Madhu Nair)

Episode 10: Social Media (featuring Vivek Venugopalan)


Tell me about it

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