Shameless Self-Promotion


My first-ever career aspiration involved a friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex with an equestrian saddle and townspeople in need of a masked hero. Two decades ago, I gave up on it and decided to do something less dramatic instead.

I am a writer. I have been working as one – in some capacity or the other – for over 12 years. I have gone by many names. Copy editor, newspaper columnist, daily blogger, content head and creative consultant – to name a few.

I took a year off from corporate employment in 2013 to work on two documentaries – White Van Stories and That Fired Soul – as a scriptwriter / voice recording artist / digital marketer. They were showcased across Channel 4, BBC and CNN. They won multiple awards at global and national film festivals. That year, a poem of mine was also put to print by independent publishers as part of the Modern and Contemporary Poetry collection.

Simply put, I am a communication ninja. I advise brands how to better communicate with audiences – employees, clients, stakeholders and anyone else listening in. I use the art of storytelling to bridge gaps, create synergy and help companies stop using words like “synergy”. My areas of expertise include Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Marketing, Social Media Positioning and Sales Support.

More importantly, I am an amateur birder and awkward dog kisser – in pursuit of a life in the hills, travelling, tasting wild fruits and photographing dreams.

Write to me at if you want to hire me as a consultant, collaborate with me in any creative venture or just talk about birds.

Note: The words and photographs featured on this blog are mine (unless specifically credited to an external source)



  1. Hi Christy. Thank you for following my blog. Inspiring Evolution. I am super duper impressed by what all you have done in your life. Give yourself a pat on the back today in case you ahve not till now. Let the creativity keep flowing.

    Happy evolving!!

    See you around. ~ Deepa

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    1. Great to know bud. Journalism was the best mistake I ever made. I would never take back the experience because of how valuable it was. I do wish you many successes in that field or any other you wish to pursue.

      Shamelessness of course is crucial irrespective of the path though (wink wink)

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  2. Thanks for the “like” today. I enjoyed looking through the photos you’ve posted from your birding adventures. It’s truly magical to be able to share the beauty of the natural world with someone half way around the world! Cheers!

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  3. Hi, Christy! In case you missed it, I’ve nominated you for an awesome 5 Days 5 Stories Challenge! The pingback has the link with all the particulars. No Obligation. I am, however, convinced (for some reason) you’re full of bird and birding stories–and have plenty of photos to prompt plenty of stories. What’s not to like? Bottom line: no obligation!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Hey elouise. Thank you so much for these nominations. I have bad blogging manners for responding so late to them. It’s just that I have such erratic times during which I write them that I crash and burn immediately after. I hope I can live up to these some day! Thank you so much again.

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      1. No problem, Christy. In fact, I just realized I tagged you for 2 things. Oops! My apologies. I do hope, though, that some of my readers come over and look at your blog and your great bird photos.

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  4. loving the glide from top to toe – be it prose or verse! ….n ‘m favoring the flavor in ur verses more! Whether be it stark naked truth, you’ve a way!…n loving your casual and unpretentious approach! Thanks for following my blog…. You stand tall and I look up wide-eyed, mind boggled!

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    1. That’s one of the loveliest and kindest compliments I have ever received! Gosh, thank you so much. And the way I see it – we are all looking up, wide eyed and infinitely curious, at the skies (smile). And I can definitely be pretentious hehe thanks again M!

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  5. Thank you for following my short story blog Christy! As an amateur fiction writer starting out, I’m happy to know that you liked one of my tales. Great photography by the way. Would love to read more from your blog on life in Chennai.

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    1. The pleasure was all mine. Tis always a treat to connect with a fellow writer all the way across the globe.

      And bless you for not having anything fancy with a T-Rex. They really aren’t as cuddly as they were in Jurassic Park.

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  6. Haha “I use the art of storytelling to bridge gaps, create synergy and help companies stop using words like “synergy”. ” So witty. I admire your blog posts and look forward to seeing more bird photos :)!

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  7. Wow! You are amazing. Great to know so much about you and specially the work that you do. It’s all awesome. Keep it up 🙂 & I might just take liberty and send you e-mail to discuss birds one day! haha 😀 Hope you won’t mind.

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