Episode 8: Nothing in Particular about Wealth

In the eighth episode of our ‘Nothing In Particular (NIP)’ podcast, we talk about something that is an unavoidable part of our lives. Some refer to it as the root of all evil. Others are ready to sell their grandmothers for it. And a few distribute it for the greater good.

Yep, wealth. Money. Cash. Property. Credit balance. Call it what you will. The chances are that you have already thought about it today. We discuss how different generations seem to value wealth differently, and the ways in which income disparities affect national politics. Also, breaking news (well, sort of) about a Nigerian millionaire. 

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A concert with satellites for drummers

in the sky
turns our
into broken
cymbals, and

The great Indian chop suey

Rufous Treepie. Thiruvanmyur

Rufous Treepie. Thiruvanmyur

I had written this after the Uber incident last December. An unfortunate time when the Indian government decided to ban a taxi app, pass the paneer tikka and inform the masses that safety has been restored on our streets.

I re-posted it after reading a recent report about one of the accused in the horrific 2012 Delhi incident in which four guys who brutally gang-raped and murdered, inside a bus, a 16-year-old girl. Among other frightening perspectives, the accused spoke about how rape victims must share the blame. That “she should not have fought back”. It is not an uncommon train of thought in India. Some of our politicians believe that. Women politicians too.


Peshawar – December 16, 2014

the dearly
of Peshawar
turn into
baby falcons,
whisked away
from this