Let’s talk about death

What if you could bring back to life
a loved one in small portions?
Would you pick a nose hair
or a toenail or saliva stains
on a glass of chai?
Or would you need something
more wholesome to remember them by?


Mooppanpara, Kerala

Crushed by a jewel bug

Dedicated to Raj – a friend / brother / filmmaker / bird lover (May 8, 1991 – May 22, 2015).

Sometime in November 2013, I was tickling the evening air with my tongue on a parrot-green grass hill near Mooppanpara in Kerala. It was about 5:30 PM and there was a chance of rain. It had been a long and tiring day. I didn’t feel like vacating the spot anytime given how comfortable it was. Especially given how mesmeric the scenery was, with the sun resembling a dusty yet blushing grapefruit.

I soon had to because of the weather. Howling winds were turning into hesitant whispers. The blueness in the sky was fading away as rain-fed clouds were starting to take over.


A cupcake for a heart

All the
our private
pastry cart;
only for her
– can I have
a cupcake
for a heart.


White-Throated Kingfisher

Wrestling with childhood heroes

I have an enormous appetite for professional wrestling. I have been watching it since I was 10 years old. Even as I grew older, the obsession remained. People ridicule it because perhaps they haven’t connected with it. I am alright with that, as a fan, because professional wrestling is an art form. And art is subjective; something that one can relate to, find therapy in, get inspired by, cherish time with or simply choose to ignore.


Indian Roller

A pilot turned princess turned pop star

a pilot,
with burnt
of sunsets
in her back-