The night when I saw six leopards

A few months ago, I spotted six leopards during a single night. I had seen these wild cats once before in 2016. But I had forgotten to press the “record” button on the camera. And I had nothing to show for it. People tell me that I was lucky to be there - experiencing the moment.... Continue Reading →

Good things happen to those who anticipate

I first saw Brown-Capped Pygmy Woodpeckers inside a reserve forest in Kumily. But, love was not in the air. Maybe, they were in a hyperactive mood. Or just camera shy. Because every time I tried to photograph them, they would fly away to some other spot. No matter how closely I tracked one, it simply refused... Continue Reading →

There is magic in every mushroom

Mushrooms aren't nature's apology for toadstools; they are stunt doubles for the monsoon's best-dressed and most seductive danseuse.  

Peshawar – December 16, 2014

May the dearly departed of Peshawar turn into baby falcons, whisked away from this frightening world; their talons ripping through gun smoke, and their hearts  filled with light long extinguished from this waking life. More than 130 children were massacred during a school shoot-out involving terrorists in Peshawar. There is no need for discussions on the supposed... Continue Reading →

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