Raptors, falcons and rain-fed philosophers

Some need corns and calluses to take a leap of faith and start anew; others wouldn't dare jump unless they wore boots sturdy enough to land on the moon. I feel intoxicated whenever I see a bird of prey soar high. I have always been fascinated by them. Their dagger-like talons. Anxious mouths with fishhooks for beaks. Beady... Continue Reading →

A fruit basket of a girl: Common Kestrel

He tongues the creamy sweat on her custard apple neck, leaving no legacies, just the littlest and most cherry-kissed of lakes, as she plants sugar plums inside his cheeks, and drapes her arms over him, like scar tissues peeled off dried plantains, assuring him that it would be for the best if they remained browning... Continue Reading →

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