A case for the commoners: Kingfishers

Growing up, "Kingfishers" represented a brand of beer more than it did a family of birds. I still know more people with alcohol issues than I do birders. I can’t recollect ever seeing one until after I got into birding. Not even the White-Throated Kingfisher - a shy yet widely-distributed residential bird in my city. The first time... Continue Reading →

Try me a river

She strolls, smoothing pebbles in the heart of her palm, to find a safe place by the drying riverside in me; she steps into a puddle on the way, wetting her feet, before she can find the low tide in me. No matter how many times I have spotted the White-Bellied Treepie, she has always been quick... Continue Reading →

Love in the time of Great Indian Hornbills

When we look for love like children do for monsters under their beds, we let go of the wind, wriggling free of our papier mâché wings. There is logic in people pursuing monogamous relationships. We interpret love based on how it makes us feel about ourselves. If someone makes us feel good, why wouldn't we want them by... Continue Reading →

Sorry, we are not bringing sexy back

I don't have bucket lists. My existential excuse is that they seem too purposeful. It would be a disaster given how instinctive I am. Of course the obvious reason is bucket lists require a lot of planning; something I am not good at. I did once try to think of five birds I would want to spot in... Continue Reading →

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