Lily trotter, heart breaker: Pheasant-Tailed Jacana

A few months ago, I spotted the Pheasant-Tailed Jacana for the first time. It was the best of times. The most bacchanalian of times too. I felt as though my hair was on fire. Not a wild one that leaves me with first-degree burns. Just a warm flame that makes me feel swaddled. I was taking a stroll near a lotus... Continue Reading →

What would Bruce Lee do about waterbirds?

I haven't connected with waterbirds like I have with the rest. Flamingos have been the only true exception. And that's because they look like long-legged milkshakes. I can only assume it has to do with the presence of waterbirds in large numbers in and around my city. Even before I had started birding, I used to see them in familiar areas -... Continue Reading →

Beauty is three parts dead

I used to find myself drawn towards the ocean and her charms. The crackling of waves. The distant chatter of fishermen. And the frothing of her tides. The ocean often had me entranced. I was fascinated with aquatic life-forms back then. It thrilled me to find them near ocean-beds. But most were dead by the time I stumbled upon them. Yet I... Continue Reading →

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